THE LECTURER Gentle Giants - Hella Martens - Ticket Sales

Name: Hella Martens.

Position: Ticket Sales.

Place and date of Birth: Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 11th August 1978.

Hometown: I'm a Planet Wanderer.

Star sign: Leo.

Education: Bsc Wildlife Management, University Wageningen.

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German.

Experience: From 2004 I've worked in Cetacean Research, Conservation and Education/Tourism worldwide. I've stepped foot on all 7 continents. For the past 5 years I've been working as an Expedition Guide on small cruise vessels in both the Arctic and Antarctica, as a lecturer and zodiac driver. While the small cruising industry is trying to recover from Covid, I'm happy and grateful to join the Gentle Giants team for the summer of 2021.

Interests: Travelling, wildlife, hiking, off grid, horseback riding.

Favourite Icelandic food: Yet to find out.

Favourite foreign food: Thai, Indian, Mexican, and many more.

Favourite band / singer: I like all kinds of music.

Football / soccer team: I don't like soccer.

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