Gentle Giants - Henrik Christoph Cater - Guide

Name: Henrik Cater.

Position: Guide.

Place and date of birth: Germany, May 1972.

Hometown: Húsavík.

Star sign: Taurus.

Education: Seaman. Basic Safety Training and Crowd- and Crisis Management.

Languages: German, English, Italian, French, Dutch, survival Icelandic.

Experience: Various experiences. Started working for Gentle Giants in 2020.

Interests: Ships and boats and food travels.

Favourite Icelandic food: Has to be Skyr.

Favourite foreign food: Tom Gha Kai from Thailand.

Favourite band / singer: I like Little Big.

Football / soccer team: Looks like I am the only one here who is not into football. I like Formula 1 and I cheer for Max Verstappen.

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