THE SOCCER GIRLGentle Giants - Krista Eik Harðardóttir - Ticket Sales.

Name: Krista Eik Harðardóttir.

Position: Ticket Sales.

Place and date of birth: Akureyri, 23rd March 2001.

Hometown: Húsavík.

Star sign: Aries.

Education: Elementary school in Húsavík. Upper secondary school in Húsavík on the field of natural sciences.

Languages: Icelandic and English.

Experience: Started working for Gentle Giants in 2019.

Interests: Football, I have been an active football player for several years.

Favourite Icelandic food: Dried fish (harðfiskur).

Favourite foreign food: Pizza.

Favourite band / singer: Nothing special but I mainly listen to pop music.

Football / soccer team: The local team Völsungur and Manchester United.

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