Gentle Giants - Sigurjón Maggi Sigurjónsson - Captain

Name: Sigurjón Maggi Sigurjónsson.

Position: Captain.

Place and date of birth: Akureyri, Iceland, 10th September 1956.

Hometown: Reykjavík.

Star sign: Virgo.

Education: Mechanist. Navigational licences and chief engineer. Basic Safety Training and Crowd- and Crisis Management.

Languages: Icelandic and English.

Experience: Mechanist for 30 years as well as many years at sea. Started working at Gentle Giants in 2022.

Interests: Cruising around on my motorbikes and making drawings.

Favourite Icelandic food: Icelandic lamb meat.

Favourite foreign food: American T-bone steak and Eastern food.

Favourite band / singer: Bob Marley, UB40.

Football / soccer team: I have no interest in football.

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