Environmental Policy


Our environmental policy reflects Gentle Giants’ long-time experience and commitment to all aspects of conservation, protecting the environment and treating nature with respect.

This policy is our answer to the increasing demand from our customers and global organizations for companies like Gentle Giants Whale Watching who support and contribute to the eco-system and sustainable tourism worldwide.

Our Promise

  • GG is willing to fulfil every customer’s needs, without threatening nature’s present and future possibilities
  • GG operates traditional Icelandic fishing boats that have been renovated for their current purpose. We make a special effort to protect and maintain vessels with cultural and historical importance
  • GG uses environmentally friendly products and eco-labels are preferably used for repair and maintenance of hulls and engines
  • GG uses recyclable products. The use of single use products is avoided as much as possible
  • GG puts great emphasis on delivering all hazardous and toxic waste such as oil, paint and used batteries to assigned official collecting sites
  • GG immediately notifies the relevant authorities about any accidents that might cause environmental damage from our boats or from others
  • GG staff is updated regularly about the environmental policy of the company to include all new aspects of protecting the environment
  • GG puts effort in energy efficiency regarding the output and speed of our engines, in order to minimize pollution and disturbance in wildlife. Special precautions are taken near whales and breeding birds
  • GG shows great caution when leaving and entering the harbour area
  • GG believes that principles in sustainability refer to three major factors: the environmental factor, the economic factor and social cultural aspects of tourism development. A suitable balance must be established between these factors in order to reach a long-term optimal use of nature’s resources in the ecological process
  • GG informs passengers on its vessels of the great importance of protecting the environment in the area, its outstanding marine wildlife, stunning scenery and the air that we breathe
  • GG is a proud partner of The Wild North a project with the aim of finding ways to contribute to the sustainable development of wildlife tourism such as whale watching

On behalf of Gentle Giants Whale Watching,
Stefán Guðmundsson
CEO – Marketing Manager – Captain

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