Sylvía is probably the most beautiful boat in Húsavík harbour. The high front makes her look very proud, crossing Skjálfandi Bay with self confidence in search for whales. This traditional Icelandic oak boat was built and used for fishing, but converted into a passenger vessel in 2007. Sylvía has a lot of space on board and her bow is very wide and spacious. Sylvía is named after the manager's daughter, Sylvía Dís Stefánsdóttir.

Sylvía has undergone thorough maintenance throughout the years, with the safety and comfort of passengers in top priority. In 2024, a brand-new engine along with new fuel tanks and a new propeller were installed – a complete makeover of the boat.

The new engine was carefully chosen with the environment and sustainability as a top priority. The engine together with the propeller are the newest on the market and significantly decrease Sylvía's fuel consumption as well as sound levels making her as environmentally friendly as possible for the time being.

Not only does the new engine minimise her carbon footprint, but the new fuel tanks ensure that there is no leakage or pollution going to the ocean. Lower sound levels result in a minimal impact on her surrounding and of course, our beloved whales, making her more silent when sailing through Skjálfandi Bay.

Built: 1976 in Akureyri
Tonnage: 30
Length: 17,5 m
Beam: 4,3 m
Max speed: 11 knots
Capacity: 70 pax

    Sylvía performs following tours:

GG1 Whale Watching

Eco-friendly whale watching vessel Sylvía

Rent a boat

Private boat rental: ISK 599000 for 3 hours with captain and guide (incl. 11% VAT).

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