Gentle Giants - Diana Almeida - Guide

Name: Diana Almeida.

Position: Guide.

Place and date of birth: Portugal 22nd September 1992.

Hometown: Lisbon, Portugal.

Star sign: Virgo.

Education: Bachelor degree in Biology (2014) and Master degree in Conservation Biology (2017), both in Lisbon University. STCW courses: Basic Safety training and Crowd and Crisis Management (2022).

Languages: Portuguese, English.

Experience: I have been working in several educational programmes related to nature, biodiversity and conservation, since 2013. I started whale watching during my master degree (2015). I was a marine mammal observer in a scientific project in Azores Island, Portugal. I worked in Madeira Island, Portugal, as marine biologist where I was assisting in strandings and doing research on whale watching companies about the cetacean's populations. I started working for Gentle Giants in 2022.

Interests: Nature, wildlife photography, biking and dance.

Favourite Icelandic food: Fresh cod.

Favourite foreign food: Poke bowls and Ceviche.

Favourite band / singer: Ghost, Rammstein.

Football / soccer team: Benfica.

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