Hallgrímur G.


Hallgrímur Guðmundsson

Name: Hallgrímur Guðmundsson.

Position: Head Captain Oak Boats.

Place and date of birth: Höfn í Hornafirði, Iceland, 6th December 1962.

Hometown: Akureyri, Iceland.

Star sign: Sagittarius.

Education: Elementary school leaving certificate Höfn í Hornafirði. Two years at the Navigation College in Westman Islands, Master of fishing vessels - unlimited, with honours. STCW Basic Safety Training and Crowd- and Crisis Management. Courses in sales and marketing operational program.

Languages: Icelandic and English.

Experience: I started 14 years old at sea and have been a fisherman ever since. Became a captain on fishing vessels only 18 years old. Started working as a captain for Gentle Giants in 2015.

Interests: Spending time with my family, fishing, whale watching, everything that the wild nature has to offer and going up to the highlands and glaciers on large modified four-wheel drive jeeps.

Favourite Icelandic food: Lamb, fish and old fashioned Icelandic food.

Favourite foreign food: Almost everything that I cannot get in Iceland.

Favourite band / singer: Of Monsters and Men, The Verve, U2, Céline Dion and all kinds of metal rock.

Football / soccer team: Liverpool, Barcelona and ÍBV.

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