THE FOOTBALLERGentle Giants - Kaelon Fox - Assistant.

Name: Kaelon Fox.

Position: Assistant or "Harbour Hero".

Place and date of birth: Atlanta, GA 31st May 1995.

Hometown: Atlanta, GA, United States.

Star sign: Gemini.

Education: Masters in Business Administration.

Languages: English.

Experience: I was born in America and have been playing football since I was age 4. I have travelled all over America playing the sport and played while in university and also while getting my masters in the States. I finished school in 2017 and now using football to travel the world and live in different countries for 4-5 years. Iceland is my first stop and started by Gentle Giants in 2019. Although I do not have any ties with animals like most of the guides do at Gentle Giants, I love the stories and fascination they show with the aquatic life in Húsavík. Whale lover by day and footballer by night!

Interests: All sports and nature.

Favourite Icelandic food: Fish and chips.

Favourite foreign food: Italian cuisine.

Favourite band / singer: Anything electronic dance music related.

Football / soccer team: Seattle Sounders in the USA.

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