Laurelen Heuang Praseuth - Ticket Sales


Name: Laurelen Heuang Praseuth.

Position: Ticket Sales.

Place and date of birth: France, 22th September 1995.

Hometown: Les Sables d'Olonne, France.

Star sign: Virgo.

Education: Master degree in International and European Law.

Languages: French, English, Spanish.

Experience: I have been facilitating workshops about ecology, human rights and feminism for 5 years, working in hospitality and travelling the rest of the time. Started by Gentle Giants in 2024.

Interests: Travel, photography, yoga, writing.

Favourite Icelandic food: Plaice.

Favourite foreign food: Chicken and fries.

Favourite band / singer: Damso.

Football / soccer team: None.

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