First day of summer ...

Summer has arrived, and today, 21st of April is the first official day of summer in Iceland.
The weather has been improving, and today it is exactly like summer has arrived already; the temperature rising up to about 11° C and very light westerly winds.

Many Icelanders can be seen outside lightly dressed, celebrating the first day of summer, one way or the other !  Some may go for an Ice-cream……… others even to our great outdoor swimming pool which is indeed open all year around, and usually crowded on a hot-sunny day !!

Although the summer arrived here today, whales have already been spotted in Skjálfandi Bay! The migrants are also streaming into the country now, and some of them have been seen in Husavik and vicinity. E.g.: The Golden Plover has been spotted, which many Icelanders think to be the summer representative.

Our whale watching schedule starts 12th of May, and we are making everything ready for our customers to arrive.

We wish you a very happy summer 2005 and looking forward to seeing you in Husavik!











Husavik on a bright summer day








Today many people could be seen at the swimming pool

















           The first day of summer is a Flag day in Iceland






Faldur being prepared ....









Good memories from last summer !!

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