Gentle Giants staff celebration

Yesterday Gentle Giants staff ventured out for a staff celebration.
At first the course was taken to Akureyri where the Gentle Giants staff showed excellent talent in ice-skating.  But not only in skating, also in playing hockey – the pro style. Our coach – John Christian Vendelbo Andersen - has done a magnificient job, training our players in the game of hockey……………… but could use some lessons himself in ice-skating in general……

After many good games of ice hockey, we continued our travel to the next destination, a summerhouse in Illugastaðir – the log type – nice and comfortable one!  Illugastadir is located in the Valley of River Fnjoská, in beatiful surroundings with woods on both hands and it takes only around 25 min by car from Akureyri to get there, driving East – towards Husavik of course – and on your right hand side before you enter the big white bridge crossing the River itself.
A lot was eaten and drunken at the summerhouse, as well as chatting and playing games!

When everyone was full up after the three-course meal, the course was taken home – with a stop at the Museum of Transportation in Ystafell. There we got great guidance around the museum by Sverrir Ingólfsson. This museum was opened in 1998 and is located 38 km from Husavik. The main role of the Transport Museum is to collect and preserve machinery for transportation as well as information and photographs from Iceland's history of transportation. We thank Sverrir Ingólfsson for his great hospitality and warm welcome! 

Exciting hockey game ...

Team Gentle Giants, from left: Agnes, Jesse, Einar, Omar, Daniel, Stefán, Maria, Linda, John Christian 



Three-course meal at the summerhouse!!




Johnny, the chef of the evening ...


Staff Gentle Giants at the Museum of Transportation,
along with Sverrir Ingólfsson.

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