Yesterday our crew and passengers had the best trip ever! It was a lovely morning for spotting whales; excellent sunny weather, flat sea and a lot had been going on in the bay during the previous days. It seemed promising ... but it was much more than they could have ever expected! 
After leaving the harbour with our two boats fully loaded of passengers and just 15 minutes away from the harbour, one happy Humpback whale started breaching ... and never stopped! These animals can be very acrobatic and we have seen them breaching and playing with their flippers around the boats quite often but yesterday’s show was something special and probably unique. The animal kept having fun for almost three hours and didn’t seem to bother about the boats! It jumped hundreds of times! You can imagine how happy our passengers were, some even mentioned it had been one of their best experiences when travelling around the world!
Lucky those who were out at sea yesterday – that’s for sure.  As we always say “this is nature and you never know what’s going to happen out there”.... that’s also the magic of it!

Here you have some amazing pictures – simply expressing more than words can do!

Taken by our headguide Jesse Flores (...still soaking wet from the splashes of the Humpback...) on board our boat Athena with our captain & manager Stefan Gudmundsson – an absolute team-work !!

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