Whale watching from Husavik has come to an end after a great summer of 2006.

Overall this season was superb … Plenty of whales spotted in the bay, weather good, and a lot of tourists visiting Husvik!

Earlier this month, Vestnorden Travel Mart was held in Reykjavik. It is an annual event and ideal venue to learn about the various travel opportunities in Iceland, Greeland, Faroe Islands and Shetland. Two of our staff members attended the travel mart, introducing the variety of great wild nature sea-activities that we offer! We are happy with the results of the Travel Mart, and of course aim to attend the next one – which will be held in Faroe Islands 2007.

We have had a great season and would like to thank all our customers and co-operators for the fantastic summer!

A detailed article from summer 2006 will be published on the web soon …










A humpback whale taking a deep dive in the beautiful midnight sun on Skjalfandi Bay! Photo: Jesse Flores.

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