Yet another great whale watching season has come to an end.

We'd like to thank all our passengers for having joined our tours, but also our crew on land and on the boats for coming from near and far to make the tours possible.

The season 2017 has been filled with whales: humpback whales were seen throughout the season, blue whales showed up early in April and then again for several weeks during the summer time, minke whales and white-beaked dolphins delighted many tours throughout the months, the rarely seen killer whales showed up surprisingly often for the first two months (April-May) and even sperm whales appeared for a surprise visit early this season (April).

We all can't wait for season 2018 to come and hope to welcome you aboard very soon!
We'll start over with our scheduled tours by the 15th of March!

Below is a video by guide Sarah Arndt summing up some of the best moments and trips throughout eight months of whale watching... can you find yours in it?

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