During the past days numerous humpback whales have started to arrive to Skjálfandi Bay – ten and more individuals were seen on the tours! Humpback whales come here for their feeding season and usually start to show up sometime in spring.
The first individuals were sighted already last month and by the end of April humpbacks started to be a daily sight. One after the other is now reaching the waters around Húsavík and since a few days we are seeing noticeable more and more individuals.

But not only the whale status, also the weather conditions have changed: the sun is shining and a summerly feeling arises in the town.
Looking at the forecast, the weather and sea conditions seem to be stable and should continue as they are for a couple of days at least!

Come and join a tour with us to experience the beauty of nature yourself!

- Sarah

PHOTOS: Aksel Nordeng Bjarnason (head guide)

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