Working as a whale watch guide in Húsavík allows one to have new, beautiful and memorable experiences every single day. When leaving the harbor we never know how the tour is gonna be, or what we will see. Then when you get out there, you find yourself in a whirlwind of breathtaking moments. Like this evening trip I had the other day on one of our ribs;

After spending some time with the nesting puffins at Lundey we headed west towards the mountains. It was 10 pm and the sun had just started to set. Everyone was excited!

After only a few minutes we could see jumping dolphins in the horizon. Not long after that we had a handful of humpback whales around the boat. The sky was on fire.. There was a double rainbow above the mountains. Thousands of jellyfish all over. One moment the surface was bright orange from the sunset, the next moment it was fiery read. It felt like nature was trying to tell us something that night and it was screaming loudly.


I mean. Look at this.


Húsavík sure has amazing sunsets! 


This was in the middle of the bay. We were all stunned about how many jellyfish there was around us! 


Gorgeous humpback whale. 


The beauty continues. 


On the way home, looking back trying to take it all in. 

Text and photos: Aksel Nordeng Bjarnason (guide)

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