Yesterday we had a HUGE surprise when we headed out at sea in the morning. We saw not one, not two.. but SEVEN sperm whales! 

I myself had not seen these beautiful mammals in years. They are not very common here in the bay outside of Husavik. Nevertheless they do come for a visit from time to time. Several days throughout this season we have been lucky to encounter them on our tours. Normally they only stop by for a short period of time and then head out to deeper seas again. 

One never knows what will happen or what one will see when going on a tour with us. It is always exciting! Yesterday morning we spotted five of the sperm whales at first! They were all together in the middle of the bay. Shortly after that we saw two more only a couple of hundred meters from the others. They stayed in the bay until midday and we had many incredible encounters with them. You can watch one of my videos down below that I took on my morning trip. You can see how powerful they are. Reaching up to 20 meters long and can way up to 60 tons. They have the largest brains in the world and are the second deepest diving mammals! Plunging to more than 2000 meters below the surface. 

I hope to see them again soon! 

- Aksel Bjarnason (guide)

sperm whale.jpg

A picture of the group of five. 

sperm whale 3.jpg

Another one just for fun. 

cp sarah.jpg

It was a beautiful day! Here with captain Sarah Arndt.

LIVE VIDEO OF THE BEAUTIFUL SPERM WHALES! There are six or seven of them in the bay right now! This video shows four of them and is taken from rib Amma Kibba! 🐳🐳💙💙 -Aksel

Posted by Gentle Giants Whale Watching on Wednesday, September 12, 2018
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