As we have passed the half-way mark in our 2019 whale watching season, these last few days gave us time to reflect on what has happened so far and look forward to the second half.

So far in this season the Húsavík Research Center reports that we have had at least 82 different humpback whales visit our bay for feeding. Researchers, students and guides take photos of the unique pattern on the underneath side of the humpback whale's fluke (tail) and this is kept track of in a humpback whale catalogue. 

In addition to our beloved humpback whales we have seen our other favourite regulars the white-beaked dolphins, minke whales, and harbour porpoises, as well as some rarer visitor: orcas, blue whales, sperm whales, and our blue whale x fin whale hybrid!

We have had a wonderful first half of the season and now we are ready to take on the second half and see what nature has in store for us. Our season goes until the end of November! So we hope you can join us. Book your tour here.

-Charla (Researcher/Guide)

Photos: Charla Basran

Beautiful humpback whale fluke


A minke whaleDSC_6504.JPGDSC_6504.JPG

Our rare blue whale x fin whale hybrid


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