At Gentle Giants Whale Watching we all strive to do our best and with our passion for whales, try hard to meet our passengers’ expectations and to provide and create memorable experiences out in the wild nature of Skjálfandi Bay. After all, our goal is to have everyone return to the harbour with a happy smile on their face. Therefore, we always appreciate the feedback of our passengers as it helps us to find out what we do good and what we can do better!

Rafał Niziołek, who joined one of our tours on the 20th of August, sent us following message - along with his stunning photographs that he took during his whale watching trip with us:

“Hello Gentle Giants! We have experienced these magic moments with these beautiful humpback whales on the 20th of August. They were the magic moments to our family! Thanks for this experience!”

- Sarah

Photo Credit: Rafał Niziołek (passenger)

Rafal Niziolek passenger Facebook2.jpg

Rafal Niziolek passenger Facebook1.jpg

Rafal Niziolek passenger Facebook3.jpg

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