November so far has brought beautiful winter weather to the town of Húsavík. Frost flowers decorate the town in the early morning and the sunrise throws a beautiful color play onto the mountains and over the bay. Heading out into the bay remains an everyday adventure: the views onto the mountains change continuously with the light of the low sun - covered in snow they hence seem to shine in all colors and shades. The sea is calm and deep blue, adding up to the beautiful picture. As the boat sails over to the mountainside, a strong blow appears in a distance, being visible from afar due to the low temperatures. Minutes later a beautiful whale emerges from the deep ocean, taking a couple of peaceful breaths in the vicinity of the boat before heading back down to continue feeding. The boat is left in silence until just some minutes later that friendly whale returns, showing up not far from the vessel, delighting the visitors one more time. The play continues for a while before the boat then leaves the majestic animal behind to continue its way to search for more wildlife in the area.

- Sarah

Photos / Video by Sarah Arndt (guide)

As the month proceeds, the bay seems to bloom once again. Today, we counted up to seven blows of humpback whales on our journey through Skjálfandi Bay. Come and join us on our upcoming departures to experience the bay outside Húsavík in its winter glory! We are still departing once a day at 10:45am for our GG1 Whale Watching tour on beautiful Sylvía. 🎬 by Sarah (guide) #gentlegiantswhalewatching #whalewatchingcapital #whalewatching #whalelover #whales #winterwhales #wintertime #winteriscoming #skjalfandi #husavik #visithusavik #heretheyare #fluke #wintersun #sunandmoon #landoffireandice #snowymountains #snowycountry #humpbackwhale #guidelife #todaysoffice #whaletale #whaletail #whaleofatime

Gepostet von Gentle Giants Whale Watching am Samstag, 16. November 2019

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