Today morning our oak boat Sylvía left Húsavík's harbour for the first whale watching tour of 2020. Everyone among us was excited to head back out into Skjálfandi Bay and to find out what whales would be welcoming us on our first day of the season.

Soon we learnt that sure we wouldn't return disappointed: near the mountainside a wonderful pod of white-beaked dolphins greeted us and even decided to hang out with the boat for some time.

However, only a short while after we realised there was more to see: Not too far away three humpback whales were re-surfacing after a deep dive, two of them swimming side by side. The animals would spend a whole while on the surface before lifting their flukes (tails) out of the water in order to leave for another dive. They wouldn't dive long and just some minutes later showed up again. In the meantime, two more individuals were spotted in the greater area.

After several great views of the whales we finally had to start our way back towards port - with a huge smile on our faces!

- Sarah (guide)

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