Whilst the weather might not have been entirely perfect during the last days, the humpback whales put on a show that made up for everything:

Whilst just some days ago we watched them feast on fish all day long, these last days they suddenly started to interact a lot or show their acrobatic skills - often in a style that appeared to be a way of communication among each other.
Several times we would see one whale jump, but short after one or two other individuals would repeat the breach in a distance.
Along that, some of the whales showed enormous interest in our RIB Amma Helga and came close for a better look, rolled on their side or spy hopped to get a better view of us.

The whale on the video was lobtailing already at the time we arrived at the scene. After being unsure about the reason for its behaviour at first, shortly after we realised the motivation of its action: a pod of dolphins was playing with the whale, chasing it, poking or bumping into it. The whale responded by rolling over, lifting its flippers and head slowly above the surface or slap its fluke again and again onto the water.

If you have a careful look, you'll even spot the splashes and dorsal fins or small bodies (compared to the humpback whale) of the dolphins!

- Sarah (guide)

Gepostet von Gentle Giants Whale Watching am Montag, 29. Juni 2020

Gepostet von Gentle Giants Whale Watching am Montag, 29. Juni 2020

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