Húsavík – the Whale Capital of Iceland at its best. Many humpback whales have been spotted in Skjálfandi Bay lately and even been showing very active and curious behaviours to much joy for passengers and crew.

Breaching, lobtailing, spy-hopping, flipper-slapping and curiously checking out the boats are some of the encounters that eager whale watchers have got to experience on the tours. Of course this is wild nature and unpredictable but it is indeed a privilege to witness these valuable moments.

Below are videos taken by captain Hallgrímur recently on board our RIB speedboat on GG2 Big Whale Safari & Puffins. It is worth mentioning, that the boat is completely stopped and the whale approaches the boat.

It is sure to say, that the high season is going on at the moment. The number of domestic and international guests visiting Húsavík so far is much more than expected after COVID-19. Many days have been fully booked by us and extra tours added to respond to the demand. We recommend booking in advance on our website if you want to experience the wildlife of Skjálfandi Bay.


Posted by Hallgrímur Guðmundsson on Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Posted by Hallgrímur Guðmundsson on Wednesday, July 22, 2020

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