Yesterday in the early afternoon word spread of a pod of orcas having made its way into Skjálfandi Bay. Far out in the northern parts of the bay, our RIB speed boat Amma Helga had come across them whilst out for the afternoon “GG2 Big Whale Safari & Puffins” tour. Orcas are rare visitors in this area of Iceland and hence a very special sight for everyone!

For several hours, the pod was travelling through the outer parts of the bay. The animals were spending a lot of time on the surface and since their dives were of short duration only, it was easy to observe and follow them.

As the boat’s engines were turned off, their breaths and movements were powerful and noisy in contrast to the silence onboard. No one said a word in a long time whilst watching the animals in deep admiration. For a while, the clicking of cameras and shouts of joy was all one could hear besides the animals and the sounds of nature.

The beauty of nature is in its unpredictability – when heading out into the bay, one can never be sure about what to expect next. No two tours will ever be the same as Skjálfandi Bay and its wildlife are always full of surprises!

Are you in for a treat?

(Photos by Sarah Arndt)




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