As September continues, nature is constantly changing. In their autumn dress, plants and flowers appear in red, orange and yellow whilst the green summer colours slowly faint away. As the sun rises and travels over the bay, the mountains and coastline therefore shine in many different colours. However, during the last days, a thin layer of fresh snow has covered most of the mountains, changing their outlook once again. The views are staggering and breathtaking as one sails across the bay or along the mountains.

Humpback whales have shown up near the Kinnarfjöll mountain range or by Flatey Island every day so far. The black and white patterns on their flukes shine in the autumn lights whilst the black back reflects the sunlight and their spouts appear even stronger in the cold air. Most of these days, more than one individual could be observed and sometimes we were lucky to see them swim side by side, breathing and diving synchronised. Humpback whales are solitary animals and therefore travel on their own normally. Just on and off they come together to sozalise, interact or feed in a team. The colourful coastline or the valleys and waterfalls along the mountains in the background, are adding to a perfect setting for a beautiful whale photo.

Come and join us aboard!

Photos by Sarah Arndt
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