Earlier than usual, our whale watching season has come to an end today, 30th of September.

We'd like to thank all our passengers for having joined our tours throughout the last months, but also our crew on land and on the boats for making the tours possible. Even if due to COVID-19 our season has turned out to be very short compared to the previous years, it was just as memorable and successful! We are happily looking back on some very imposing months full of action and unforgettable whale encounters.

Whilst we hope for the current situation to ease throughout the next months, we are looking forward to continue our whale watching tours in 2021. We are therefore starting over with our scheduled tours on the 1st of March and hope to welcome you onboard then!

Already now you can find more information on our tours and timetable for 2021 as well as book your whale watching adventure for next season here.

- the Team of Gentle Giants Whale Watching

Photos by Sarah Arndt (guide)

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