Marine research is a very important part for the whales, wildlife and the world's oceans. Charla Basran, a marine biologist from Canada, is currently completing her PhD. research project in Húsavík, analysing humpback entanglement in fishing gears. We are very proud of having had Charla as part of the GG team for several years and being one of the collaborators of the PhD. project. Charla is also a project manager at The University of Iceland's Research Centre in Húsavík.

In this video Charla explains her research and the problem of humpback whales getting entangled in fishing gears.

Do you want to contribute to research? If you have been on a whale watching tour around Iceland, you can submit your photos on a secure platform and assist Charla and her research team.

We wish Charla all the best and look forward to following the project!


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