Húsavík has been very lively, full of action and in the spotlight all over the world in international media. Much excitement is in the air because of the Oscars nomination of the song "Husavik" from Will Ferrell's Netflix movie "Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga", where the town of Húsavík plays a major role.

Imagine these two world-famous events; Eurovision in Europe and the Oscars in the United States, connecting together in our little hometown!

We are very proud and have taken an active part in this huge adventure for Húsavík in preparing for the big event. A red carpet has been painted on the main street in town, in front of our Ticket Center. The Swedish singer Molly Sandén who originally sang the Husavik song, visited Húsavík last weekend to record the song together with a local girls' choir. Our headquarters by the harbour played an important part in the production of the music video, which will be shown on the Oscars.

The 93rd Academy Awards ceremony will be held this coming Sunday and we are very excited.

Stay tuned on these local platforms for more info and updates:
-Óskar for Húsavík
-Visit Húsavík

And by the way, happy first day of summer from the team of Gentle Giants.

Yes indeed as today is officially the first day of summer in Iceland. It is a public holiday that is usually widely celebrated and Icelanders wish each other "gleðilegt sumar".


Photo: Visit Húsavík

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