Jakub and Veronika, whale watchers from Húsavík, Iceland

What a fantastic start of the season with great weather, many visitors and lots of whales. Apart from the scheduled tours, there have been several private trips to Flatey Island and special trips on the RIB speedboats – such as the one earlier today a 50 min tour on the RIB that spotted the full house: harbour porpoises, white-beaked dolphins, minke whale, humpback whales and a BLUE WHALE.

It is always nice to get to know our guests and hear their unique stories. Veronika and Jakub from Czech Republic are now visiting Iceland and on their first holiday with their five month old daughter. They arrived to Húsavík and wanted to join several whale watching tours with us. Said and done.

They liked the idea of whale watching on a RIB and on two different days, Veronika and Jakub joined a total of four GG2 Big Whale Safari & Puffins tours with us, but on different occasions taking turns staying in land with their little one. All the tours were great with good whale sightings.

We wish them a nice holiday in Iceland and hope to see them again in Húsavík and for their daughter to experience the wildlife of Skjálfandi Bay one day!


Jakub and Veronika - whale watchers Húsavík Iceland

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