Live music in Flatey Island, Husavik at the Grand Opening event for Gentle Giants Whale Watching

The 5th biggest island in Iceland, Flatey - the Flat Island - has welcomed yesterday more than 80 passengers from the luxury cruise ship "Silver Seas" for the grand opening of the long-time dreamed facilities that could host sheltered events around the tables.

Departing from Athens and cruising to Stockholm with a stop over Iceland, these people had the opportunity to step on this famous non inhabited island, walking around in awe by the 30 different species of seabirds that nest in this far north and at last enjoy an indoor meal experience provided by the local chefs with some entertaining live folk music.

A whole month of hard work, back and forth transportation of 60 tons of material and the employment of several human resources had put the dreamed-plan in place, despite the not so pleasant weather conditions of May and the tight agenda for this ribbon-cutting event.

This new settlement with 10 large solar cells that can return 1000 amper hours into the battery is considered green and from a far distance in the Skjálfandi Bay, it matches the color cast of the pristine island.

We are happy finally to announce that we want to keep the foundations alive and well built-in, literally.

This heritage is far more worthy if we can share it with our guests, remembering the good old stories that left the island with the last settlers back in 1967, but also to enjoy the experience of the wilderness just around the corner of the Arctic Circle.

- Rui Duarte, Guide

 Photos by Stefán Guðmundsson and Rui Duarte

Building new house in Flatey, Iceland

tables ready for the Grand Opening Event in Flatey, Iceland

chefs preparing a delicious meal for the passengers at the luxury cruiseship on Flatey, Iceland

The people behind the construction of the new settlement in Flatey

The oak whale watching boat arriving to flatey with the first passengers of the Grand Opening

Getting ready to go out for a tour around the Island, Iceland

Getting to know the local building and the stories behind Flatey, Iceland

At the highest point of the Island, people were surprised by the amount of birdlife

Atlantic puffins in the Flatey colony

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