Hrefna and Karen are assistants for GG. Hrefna started working for GG in the summer 2021 and Karen in the summer 2022. As they are young, this is their first real job and they really like it.

"We are both from Húsavík. We were looking for a summer job because we are in school for the winter: it is common in Iceland that teenagers work during the summer break. We decided to start working here because we love meeting new people and enjoy helping others.

We have been best friends since we were babies, we go to the same school and we play soccer together. Our favourite hobby is soccer and that’s probably the reason why we are so close. We also have many things in common.

As assistants, our main responsibility is to assist in all daily operations: from getting the passengers ready for the tours together with the guides, assuring the working places are clean and tidy, and provide an extra set of hands whenever needed.

From this year, we also had the opportunity to broaden our experience: besides assisting at the harbour huts, we are also working in the Ticket Center. We are involved in almost all the tasks: selling tickets, check-ins, new bookings, and much more.

Our experience with GG is really good. We have learnt so much even though we are just assisting. The staff here is also amazing and makes the work so much more fun. We look forward every day to come to work and meet everyone here. Hopefully this experience will be a platform of opportunities for us in the future as we have learnt the responsibilities linked to the job environment."

If you happen to see these lovely young girls either at the Ticket Center or at the Huts, stop by to say Hello! They will surely be willing to help you and assist you before and after the tours!



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