"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate" - Oprah Winfrey

At Gentle Giants, the 15th of August isn't merely another day in the office. It represents the peak of the long 8-month season for the 2022 year.
Starting from the 1st of April and ending at the 30th of November, on this date we celebrate the culmination of motivational stories, by simply recognizing strong teamwork both on the water and on land, inspire good feelings among the crew and strengthen altogether’s relationship on a burning circle of shared happiness.

There is always of course more reasons to celebrate than to not celebrate. Besides the surprising factor than any celebration may lead, we believe that good actions are meant to be replicated by focusing on what has been accomplished. It also may lead to the cultivation of a sucessful mindset with visualization of what is coming next. And in the end, the amount of happy chemicals floating in the air certainly plays a vital role on a good and healthy system.
From a boat ride to the 5th biggest island in Iceland - Flatey - to the expectations build around the surprising live songs around the table prepared by the FossHotel Chefs, what was about to be revealed as a “digestive” after the so appreciated dessert, finally remembered everyone about the contrast between the outside cold and the inside cozy feeling, of what we now call home.

Iceland certainly has its place among whoever passes by.
In Portuguese we call it "saudade" and it is both a mix of joy stired by melancholy.

As William Shakespeare said: “I like this place, and could willingly waste my time in it “.

- Guide Rui Duarte
 photographs by captain Húnbogi & CEO Stefán 

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