Gentle Giants and the local sports club in Húsavík Völsungur TaeKwonDo department have signed an agreement on the company's support for the department. The league is very pleased with the support and sponsorship, and the funds will be used to buy new equipment that will be used in training and competitions.

TaeKwonDo has been practiced within Völsungur for about 10 years. During the exercises, a lot of effort is put into strengthening the practitioners both physically and mentally. Practices take place in the small gym in the Sports Hall divided into two age groups.

"It is important to promote diverse sports activities in our society, which is why we are extremely proud of the collaboration with Völsungur TaeKwonDo department. We encourage practitioners of all ages and genders to participate and engage in the powerful work that takes place there," says Daniel Annisius, Assistant Manager of Gentle Giants.

"We are extremely pleased with the support of Gentle Giants and will use the grant to purchase equipment for practitioners. With more performing equipment, we can do better exercises and better prepare our athletes to participate in competitions. On behalf of all the practitioners of the league, I would like to thank Gentle Giants for their support," said Marcin Florczyk, the coach of the Taekwondo division at Völsungur.

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In the attached pictures, you can see Marcin and Daniel hand-shaking and sealing the agreement and striking a combat pose with the athletes.

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