golden whale fluke

It’s already a week ago since November started – time flies!

So far our tours this month have been great: several humpback whales were spotted on all our departures – oftentimes near to the boats, sometimes even swimming in pairs. Humpback whales are solitary animals, hence it is a really beautiful encounter seeing them socialise with other individuals in the same area.

But then there is also something so special about the month itself. As winter approaches, days are getting shorter, the sun rises late just to then disappear again behind the mountains a short while after. If you join us on a tour this month, you will notice that our daily departure fits exactly into this time frame. However, with the days so short, the atmosphere and colours are even more beautiful and stunning as usual – it seems like a never ending sunrise that eventually turns into sunset again: the horizon is yellow, the mountains shine pink and golden and the sea sparkles in all possible light and dark shades of blue at once! When the sun first appears and later on disappears again, everything seems to lit up and shines bright gold and yellow for some seconds before it then all fades away until the next day.

Don’t miss out and book your whale watching adventure with us today. We continue sailing once a day to the end of this month!

- Sarah

SA_pink mountains.jpeg

SA_sunrise Húsavík.jpeg

Photos: Sarah Arndt (captain/guide)

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