Earlier this month our beautiful oak boat Sylvía undertook her annual journey to the harbor of Akureyri, where she was taken out of the water for some final beauty treatments.

Time flies and after all necessary work had been finished, she was ready to sail back to her home port here by Húsavík yesterday morning.

The last week has been really winterly here in the north with lots of snowfall and temperatures staying well below zero several days in a row. The whole land is covered in its white winter dress once again. Due to the low temperatures, parts of the harbors and fjords or bays are frozen and once the wind starts blowing, the splashing sea freezes and forms icicles wherever it comes in contact with a cold surface.
Scroll through the photos and see for yourself!

Missed out on our story of Sylvía sailing to Akureyri whilst watching her first whales of the season earlier this month? You can still read it here!

- Sarah

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