humpback whale fluke

Only one week until we will finally sail out into Skjálfandi Bay again!
Whilst everyone is waiting in excitement for the 1st of April to come, preparations are in full swing and everything is finally getting ready for our 2023 season.

Whilst we didn‘t sail out on any tours the last months, our team has worked hard to complete all kinds of maintenance work and improvements around the boats and facilities as well as on our services – so that we can provide for an even better experience this season! 

Have you already booked your whale watching adventure with us?
Starting from 1st of April we will offer daily departures for our bestseller whale watching tours, the GG1 Whale Watching and the GG2 Big Whale Safari & Puffins. For more information on each tour, click on the names!

Did we pique your interest? Book your own whale watching experience here!
We are looking forward to welcome you on board very soon!

- Sarah

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