Blue whale lifting tail

Every new day is an adventure out in Skjálfandi Bay and one will never know what to expect when departing the harbor.

Today we were once more surprised by a beautiful blue whale that ended up spending the whole day in the same area of the bay. The individual turned out to be extremely calm and relaxed and presented us with some gorgeous looks of the largest animal on earth.

Did you know?

Blue whales can grow 24-30 metres long whilst weighing 100-180 tons (that is as much as 30 fully grown African elephants - their tongue alone weighs as much as one elephant, that is 6 tons)! But not only the adults are impressive: they also have the largest babies in the world which are born with a length of up to 8 metres and weigh up to 4 tons. Their growth rate is one of the fastest in the animal kingdom as they gain up to 90kg and grow 3 to 4cm per day for the first months of their life (they might drink over 150 litres of milk daily)! At the age of 6 months, they have roughly doubled their size.

A blue whale sighting is always stunning and leaving one speechless, the size and power of these animals is simply mesmerising.

Do you think today's blue whale will still be around tomorrow? We cross fingers and fins!

- Sarah

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