Humpback in evening sun

Another fantastic month is ending and once again we collected some of the highlights from the last weeks.

Whilst July challenged us several times with unpleasant weather and sea conditions, the whales were making up for the situation the entire time: Humpback whales have been spotted throughout July, often several of them on a tour and numerous individuals in different areas of the bay. Oftentimes, the animals were busy feeding on the food abundance Skjálfandi Bay has in offer.

In numerous occasions a humpback whale would take a break from feeding and entertain us with its acrobatic skills instead: some individuals would leap out of the water, others lobtail or slap their pectoral fins on the water, roll over or even check us out while lifting their head above the surface.

Also dolphins were seen frequently, some showed up with their young calves, others were hunting or trying to get a lift by riding the waves or the bow of our boats.

Now, we're ready to dive into another exciting month and can't wait to find out what is expecting us in Skjálfandi Bay in August! Whilst we will have to say goodbye to our "GG2 Midnight Sun Exclusive Tour" due to the sun setting earlier day by day now, the rest of the schedule remains unchanged and we'll continue offering plenty of departures for our two favourite whale watching tours throughout the day - every day.

- Sarah

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