In Skjálfandi Bay, besides humpback whales it is also possible to spot minke whales! These whales are regular visitors in the bay and might be seen throughout the year.

Minke whales are widely distributed, occurring in the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans and they received this name after a Norwegian whaler named Meincke.

These whales have a sharply pointed head and a falcate dorsal fin that appear at the same time with the blowholes when they surface.  Normally, the blow is not visible and the first thing spotted is the head.

Minke whales in the bay are mainly seen alone, but they could be in small groups. They feed in a variety of small schooling fish, like herring or capeling and normally are seen closer to aggregations of birds. The scientists believe that they may be using the location of the birds as an indication to find food.

North Atlantic minke whales are dark grey with a white underside and distinctive white bands on the pectoral fins.

Minke whales are commonly seen in our tours and probably they will be seen during August!  if you are close to a minke whale be prepared because they are quite tricky to spot!

snout minke whaleminke whale 


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