Humpback lifts tail in sunset

As August proceeds, days have started to get shorter again with the sun setting in the late evening. Sunsets at this time of the year can be so marvellous and we believe they're best enjoyed from sea!

Just imagine the sky and sea painted yellow and red by the setting sun whilst a gentle humpback whale moves along the surface just metres away from your boat.
Then, as suddenly as the animal showed up in this anyways stunning image, the whale lifts its flukes high up out of the water, the tail's white underside reflecting the sunlight for some seconds, then the animal disappears into the dark ocean beneath you. The last sprays of its blow slowly vanish in the golden evening light and the sun eventually disappears below the horizon. The sky seems to burn for a couple of minutes before the lights then fade away and all seems to become one at the end of the day.

Somewhere in the distance the powerful blow of the whale can be heard again some minutes later whilst the boat slowly picks up speed and heads back towards port for the night.

Could you imagine the scene? Why not join us and live it rather - making a dream come true?

- Sarah

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