Two blue whales

September is a month of changes. As autumn starts, the colours of the landscape around us keep changing - soon everything will be red yellow and orange and the scent of blueberries that now appear everywhere will be in the air for several more weeks.

Along with the change of nature's dress come autumn storms just like the one yesterday and when they're over, nature might have another surprise for us: this morning we woke up to the peaks of the Cheek Mountains on the other side of Skjálfandi Bay being covered in a thin layer of snow, much like powder sugar - another pretty part of autumn's colour palette.

However, September is not just about that! As the seasons change, we might once again encounter surprise visitors in the bay:

The month started with the three fin whales taking a whole loop through the bay. You haven't heard about it, yet? Check out our recent post!

Then, just two days ago, two blue whales came to explore the most southern and western parts of Skjálfandi Bay. They were travelling slowly and relaxed, passing all along the black sand beach in the south, then close to land along the mountains in the west. They were diving short, spent a lot of time on the surface breathing slowly, then lifting their flukes when diving down again. The lights of the low afternoon sun, the colours and last sunrays on the mountains and the golden and turquoise water created an atmosphere much like out of a fairytale. Depending on in which angle to the sun the whales would re-appear on the surface, even the bodies of these majestic animals seemed to shine golden.

But hey, why not go whale watching this month and be surprised by what mother nature is having in store for us next?

- Sarah

📷 Aksel Bjarnason

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