two orcas surfacing side by side

September doesn't stop pampering us: today once again we were surprised by a whale species uncommon for this area. In the late morning, a pod of orcas (killer whales) appeared out of nowhere near our boats (which at that point were actually observing some humpback whales). Of course we got curious and followed the pod as it ventured into the bay. There's always this special thrill and excitement in the air once orcas show up - I mean, it's orcas after all! 

Only after having passed by Húsavík the pod suddenly turned around, but stayed in that same area for a while before then suddenly speeding up to head back north. 

Little is known about the orcas showing up in this area and it isn't even clear whether it's individuals of the same pod every time they appear or not, neither do we know where they stay if they aren't here by chance. So far, few matches could be made with other orcas known around Iceland or the North Atlantic.

Overall, orcas are rarely seen here though it happens from time to time in the early season and then again at this time of the year and through October and November - if one is extremely lucky! 

Today's pod was rather large with about 20 individuals. There were several young calves, juveniles and adults. Whilst at times they would all travel together, in several occasions they split up to form smaller groups before then gathering again - especially right before leaving.

- Sarah

SA Orcas 3

SA Orcas 1

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