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As the weather forecast doesn’t look good, we remember the wildlife of Skjálfandi Bay!

Up to the sky, you will see several wildlife passing above us!

Throughout the season, different marine birds are visiting Skjálfandi Bay mainly to breed. The most common species are the Atlantic Puffins, arctic terns or Arctic fulmars during the hot days of summer.

As the long summer days have passed, the tranquillity in the bay is settling down without the thousands of arctic terns and puffins flying away, although other marine birds are still present like arctic fulmars or black legged kittiwake and occasionally Norther Gannets! 

The arctic fulmar is a related to the petrels and albatrosses, as they all belong to the same family. They are found primarily in subarctic regions of the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans and Iceland has one of the biggest colonies of Arctic fulmar. 

The Black legged kittiwake is a seabird species in the gull family. They have white head and body, grey wings, yellow beak and may live up to about 20 years old in the wild.

Occasionally, Northern gannets are seen flying in the bay. They are the largest seabird in the North Sea as the wingspan could be up to 2 meters. As a fishing bird, they are experts in diving into the water. They dive like torpedos, flying into water from a height of 30 meters and could reach a speed close to 100km/h.  They also have excellent vision as their sharp eyes allow them to detect prey underwater amid the reflected and refracted light where water and air meet. 

Cormorants are large black waterbirds with long tail and neck. They feed of small fish and after fishing they are commonly seen on the rocks with their wings open to dry them.

Through the pictures you can see how these animals look like!

If you come on board with us you certainly will see all of these species! Just need to look up to the Sky!

- Diana

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