view over Botsvatn and Husavik

The recent storm has once again changed nature's outfit. More snow has fallen on the Cheek Mountains on the western side of the bay, but even Húsavíkurfjall (the mountain of Húsavík), was partially covered in snow this morning. The white of the snow, the still strong green of the grass and the yellow and red colours of the moss and bushes are a picture of contrasts that perfectly fit together and harmonise.

While sailing through the bay on the lookout for whales, it's difficult to take ones eyes off this new beauty, especially once the sun comes out and spreads its light onto all these colours, letting them shine even brighter.

The picture gets perfect once the whale you've been waiting for returns from its dive. The animal takes a few deep breaths, the spray of its spouts sparkles in the light and adds yet another contrast to the surrounding. After a while the animal then lifts its flukes gracefully above the surface of the ice-blue coloured ocean - the lit up mountains still sparkle in all colours in the background - then, as suddenly as it came up, the whale once again disappears to the depths of the sea beneath you.

Did you see it?

Why not join us and experience the beauty of Skjálfandi Bay yourself!

- Sarah

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