humpback tail in black and white

Another storm has passed and as the town woke up this morning, gorgeous winter weather awaited: crisp, frosty air, a starry sky and a moon shining brightly onto the town. Then, as the sun slowly rose, a play of lights and colours commenced on the Cheek Mountains across the bay. Soon everything was sparkling - the roads, houses and landscape - while covered in a layer of ice and snow.

After having been tied up securely for two days, our beautiful oak boat Sylvía was finally able to leave the port again, heading out into the bay in search for whales. Those who joined this morning's departure were sure not disappointed: several humpback whales were spotted in one area, diving and surfacing around the boat. Their spouts were appearing strong and bright in the cold winterly air, then slowly fading away with the wind.

We will continue sailing throughout November, departing once a day at 10:15am, provided weather and sea conditions allow so.

Don't miss out on your chance to experience the wonders of Skjálfandi Bay at this time of the year!

- Sarah

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