End of the Husavik whale watching season 2023 Iceland

As the sun sets on the last day of November, another memorable and successful whale watching season has come to an end here in Húsavík.

We'd like to thank all our passengers for having joined our tours throughout the season as well as our crew on land and on the boats for all their passion for their jobs and for coming from near and far to make our tours possible.

We are happily looking back on many months full of action and unforgettable whale encounters – all the way from dolphins to minke and humpback whales to the very largest, the blue whales. Along that, our season was filled with surprises and special visitors such as fin whales, orcas, pilot whales and more.

We are already now very excited about the season 2024 to come and hope to welcome you aboard in the future.

Both our "GG1 Whale Watching" on the oak boats as well as the "GG2 Big Whale Safari and Puffins" on our RIB speedboats are scheduled to start over on April 1st.

Are you planning to visit Iceland next year and by now full swing in your travel planning?
Already now you can find more information on our tours and timetable for 2024 as well as book your whale watching adventure for your upcoming trip to Iceland in 2024 through here.

We can't wait to see you all in Húsavík next spring and hope to be able to show you the beauty and pristine nature of Skjálfandi Bay and it's oceanic inhabitants.

The Team of Gentle Giants

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