Humpback whale diving in Skjálfandi Bay

Humpback whales migrate large distances between their high latitude feeding grounds and their mating or calving areas in tropical waters. Some humpback whales might travel up to 5000 miles between these two regions!

At the moment, plenty of humpback whales appear in our beautiful Skjálfandi Bay for their feeding season. Some days, one will see their spouts in every direction of the boat as they surface to breathe.

Whilst at first glance they might look all the same, I'm sure you'll soon enough notice some differences as you sail with us across the bay on the lookout for these gentle giants: their dorsal fins might be differently shaped, some might have marks or scars on their body, others have barnacles attached to their skin. Certainly though, each and every individual will have a different pattern on the underside of its tail - a pattern as unique as our fingerprints!

And as they all turn out to be differently looking, you might start to realise that each and every of these animals has its own story to tell: about the places it spent the past winters in, the favourite feeding grounds found during summer and all the experiences made along the 5000 miles in between. 

Did you ever wonder what stories these majestic animals would tell if only they could speak to us?

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