Jo and Sverrir during training

Today, we celebrate "Sjómannadagurinn" - or the seaman's day - here in Iceland. This day honours the role fishermen as well as other seaman and their families have played in Icelandic history. It was first celebrated in 1938, but in 1987 "Sjómannadagurinn" became a public holiday.

And while the whole country celebrates and honors this important day, for our French sweetheart Jo (Joséphine Aussage), who has been working as a guide on our boats since 2022, today meant the start of a new chapter:

In autumn last year, Jo enrolled in one of the nautical schools here in Iceland with the goal of becoming a captain on our RIB speed boats this season.

Having studied hard through winter, she completed all courses succesfully while also taking Icelandic classes at the same time. 

Earlier in May, she then started training with our RIB head captain Sverrir Yngvi Karlsson, who showed her all the do's and don'ts around the RIB speed boats - just as any other captain is taught when starting new at Gentle Giants.

Then today, on "Sjómannadagurinn", it was her moment to achieve her dream and sail out as a captain onto Skjálfandi Bay for the first time, in search for whales!

Joining the team of captains, Jo is the second female skipper currently working for Gentle Giants.

We're incredibly proud and grateful to have a wonderful and strong woman like her in our team!

- Sarah

Jo and head guide Rui Duarte before her first trip as captain today.

Title photo: Head captain Sverrir and Jo during training last month.

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