Most of the whale species that we get to see here in Skjálfandi Bay are not resident to the waters around Iceland, but migrate large distances between their breeding grounds in subtropical or tropical waters and their feeding grounds close to the poles.

Whales who undertake such an annual journey, have well adapted to seasonal feeding, being able to feast on huge amounts daily once they're in waters with an abundance of food. Whilst there and feeding, they build up a fat reserve (the so-called blubber layer) that they can then break down and live off once back in warmer waters, which supply little to no food.

Throughout our whale watching season, we are able to observe especially humpback whales feasting on Skjálfandi Bay's menu, which mostly serves plankton, krill and small schooling fish - true delicacies in the world of whales. 

In fact, migratory whales might feed on several tons of their 'favourites' daily while in their feeding grounds. But how do they manage?

Listen carefully to our guides on board, who will tell you all kinds of interesting facts about the different feeding techniques of these gentle giants! 

We're sure you'll be stunned by the incredible survival hacks of our stars!

- Sarah

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